It’s just not tunes.….. Its a companion of Love !!

Posted by Admin on January 14th, 2014. 1 Comment.

Feel the passion of music , expresses yourself with the flow of musical notes and discover a new path in this rollercoaster journey of life with humming a song on your lips.
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Wednesday, 3June 2012
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Wednesday, 3June 2012
Luvvvv diz song!!!
Wednesday, 3June 2012
the moment when ur humming along and it buffers!!
Wednesday, 3June 2012
The way you sing is just sooooooo cute !!!
Wednesday, 3June 2012
hey that tattoo on his chest is in hindi!
Wednesday, 3June 2012
beautiful song...beautiful lyrics..
Wednesday, 3June 2012
I need to go to his concerts just to meet the girls in the crowd.... ;-)
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How often we think that if there would be no music then who would take us to a deep sleep?


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